Chocolate and intelligence

Dark bitter chocolate has beneficial effects on human intelligence.
Scientists conducted a study and found, that eating dark chocolate improves mental ability in middle-aged people.
Moreover, dark chocolate can be "cured" some cognitive impairment. This effect is achieved due to higher content of flavonols in the product.

Proved, the more of these substances ingested, the better he deals with a variety of test tasks.
In the experiment, the patients attended, experiencing problems with thinking and memory. Over the years, some problems can develop into severe Alzheimer's disease. In addition to the positive impact on brain activity, flavonols stabilize blood pressure, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Likely, under the action of flavonol accelerates blood flow to the brain, thereby increasing its activity.

A large concentration of flavonoids is not only available in natural cocoa, but in grapes, some varieties of tea and apples.

Throughout the study, about one hundred participants in the experiment used the drink cocoa with varying amounts of flavonols. Before and after the experiment, the volunteers underwent special test items.

In two months, the researchers found, that many participants after consuming cocoa cope with the job much better, than before the experiment.
The experts concluded, that eight weeks 'diet' for cocoa brains significantly increased.

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