Chocolate slows the aging process

British scientists, in the course of research conducted, found that the daily dosage eating dark chocolate slows down the aging process in general.

So when using only a few slices of dark chocolate a day slows down all processes in the body ages. Dark chocolate prevents blood clots in blood vessels, and improves the quality and quantity of blood cells, reducing the risk of heart disease.
Dark chocolate is also useful for the skin - with its use not only prevents wrinkles, but also reduces the risk of skin cancer.
Кроме этого, for fans of dark chocolate, сердечные приступы происходили реже, about 28%.

Однако, такими properties has only dark chocolate, rich flavonols - antioxidants, contained in cocoa beans.

Шоколад также помогает организму бороться с синдромом хронической усталости, бессонницей, markedly improves memory, relieves inflammation and improves the circulatory system.

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