Chocolate enhances the effectiveness of drugs

British scientists at Cambridge biotech company with «Lycotec» провели эксперимент и пришли к выводу, that chocolate can increase the effectiveness of drugs.

Шоколаду усиливать эффективность лекарств помогают вещества из группы флавоноидов – вещества содержащиеся в какао, Flavonoids are extremely good for the heart and blood vessels.

Good sources of flavonoids - citrus peel, Fruits and Berries, bow, green tea, red wine, dark beers, buckthorn and black chocolate (70 % cocoa and above).
Flavonoids - natural dyes, dietary antioxidants, tanning.
Flavonoids have antibacterial and antimicrobial action, in consequence of that , according to scientists, chocolate, and is able to enhance the effectiveness of drugs.

According to British scientists, flavonoids contained in chocolate improves the saturation of the skin with oxygen and help to reduce the rate of aging, good for the heart and blood vessels, and have the potential to enhance the effectiveness of the properties of drugs.

In particular, it is a combination of chocolate and medicines for cholesterol-, insulin resistance and systemic inflammatory response syndrome.

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