Chocolate from the toxicity

Scientists at Yale University, in the course of studies established, that chocolate, особенно чёрный, able to help expectant mothers deal with complications during pregnancy, including those with toxemia.

Chocolate обладает способностью справляться с осложнениями во время беременности и с токсикозом благодаря теобромину, incorporated in a chocolate.

Theobromine (the Latin name for cocoa – Theobroma cacao) theobromine in cocoa content is 1,5 %. В терапевтических дозах теобромин возбуждает сердечную мышцу, dilates blood vessels, reduces pain in the chest, strengthens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, а все эти осложнения являются симптомами позднего токсикоза ( preeclampsia ).

Шоколад при токсикозе

Scientists at Yale University have established, that women, that during the first and third trimester of pregnancy used 5 or more tiles of dark chocolate every week, риск осложнений во время и после родов снизился на 69%, They also 19% less likely to have experienced symptoms of toxicity, than women who ate chocolate less 1 times a week.

It is worth remembering, that these beneficial properties has only dark chocolate, white chocolate подобными свойствами не обладает.

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