Dark Chocolate — remedy for heart attacks

U.S. scientists have conducted studies, during which it became clear, that for the full functioning of the cardiovascular system of man is very useful dark chocolate.

Employees of the University of London as shown, that regular consumption of dark chocolate prevents blood clots in blood vessels, улучшая количество и качество кровяных телец, dark chocolate, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

Для сердечно сосудистой системы человека крайне важен здоровый и активный образ жизни и правильное питание, But you can not underestimate the set of,,ru,useful properties of black chocolate,,ru,which,,ru,unlike milk chocolate,,ru,he has,,ru,During the research,,ru,conducted by American scientists,,ru полезных свойств чёрного шоколада которыми, в отличие от молочного шоколада, он обладает.

В ходе исследований, проводимыми американскими учеными, attended by about one hundred thousand adult volunteers,,ru,among which men and women leading a different lifestyle,,ru,Part of the volunteers,,ru,participating in the experiment,,ru, среди которых мужчины и женщины ведущие различный образ жизни.

Часть добровольцев, принимающая участие в эксперименте, suffered from cardiovascular diseases,,ru,Other of these diseases did not have,,ru,American scientists carefully studied the lifestyle of voluntary participants in the study,,ru,being interested in,,ru, другие этих заболеваний не имели. Американские ученые внимательно изучили образ жизни добровольных участников исследования, в первую очередь, интересуясь тем, whether they consume chocolate,,ru,which one,,ru,in what form and in what quantities,,ru,Besides,,ru,researchers also took into account other factors,,ru, какой именно, в каком виде и в каких количествах.

Помимо этого, исследователи также приняли во внимание прочие факторы, can affect the development of cardiovascular diseases in men and women of different ages,ru, from physical activity and preferred foods to various kinds of concomitant diseases,,ru,The results of the study showed,,ru.

Результаты исследования показали, that people, often consume dark chocolate is, in liquid or solid form, level of cardiovascular disease was lower by more than 35%, than those of men and women, who did not consume dark chocolate in general, and in particular, he preferred milk chocolate.

Кроме этого, for fans of dark chocolate, сердечные приступы происходили реже, about 28%.

Однако, despite the fact, that the benefits of dark chocolate is unquestionable and has repeatedly been proven, U.S. researchers still warn, that we should not take more than twenty to thirty grams of dark chocolate a day, because the chocolate - very high-calorie treats and chocolate overindulgence can lead to weight gain, Diabetes, diseases of the teeth, gums and mouth.

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