Chocolate and Children. The later the child learns the taste of chocolate is better

Milk and dark chocolate, chocolates with fillings, caramel and raisins, разными орехами, в форме конфетки, плитки или батончика – во всем этом шоколадном многообразии имеются и полезные для детей сладости и те которые нельзя давать детям до определенного возраста.

The later the child learns the taste of chocolate is better, so say the authoritative experts - nutritionists,,ru,or to feed the baby two years of your favorite chocolate candy,,ru, prohibiting the use of sweets as a way to soothe a crying baby (the more, If he does not have a year), или кормить двух летнего малыша вашими любимым шоколадными конфетками. As in childhood, Chocolate is often the cause of allergy, metabolic, interferes with the normal process of growth and formation of the dentition.

For the first time to try the chocolate can be a child older than three years and only one - two pieces per day,,ru,years can increase consumption of chocolate in three times,,ru. And with 7 лет можно увеличить употребление шоколада в три раза.
Also, since this age do not need to worry too much, If your child accidentally ate too much chocolate - it is important, so that it does not become a habit. Absolutely prohibit child chocolate,,ru,better control of how much chocolate eats your baby,,ru, meaningless - because small amounts of chocolate is helpful, moreover, the child will always be able to gain access to sweets and eat a lot longer, than under your control. So, лучше контролировать сколько съедает шоколада ваш ребенок, trying to acquire for a child only quality chocolate.

Children are very fond of milk chocolate, moreover, nutritionists advise children to buy chocolate with a minimum amount of cocoa and a high,,ru,chocolate can never replace a cup of yogurt,,ru,And lighter than chocolate,,ru – milk. The main positive quality milk chocolate - calcium, and it is so necessary kiddies, for the development of bone and tooth growth.

But do not trust advertising, exaggerates the calcium content of a chocolate bar, шоколад никогда не сможет заменить стакан кефира, milk or yogurt quality. А чем светлее шоколад, the higher the fat content and sugar delicacy -in,,ru,it cocoa - powder have replaced milk proteins,,ru,As a result, the child,,ru,it is sold in almost any decent store,,ru 100 d chocolate around 600kkal.

The most high-calorie white chocolate, в нем какао – порошок заменили молочными белками. Вследствие этого ребенку, prone to excess weight or suffering from diabetes, better to give a special diet chocolate, его продают почти в любом приличном магазине. Taste it as a conventional chocolate,,ru,tiles or chocolate eggs,,ru,which nutritionists call almost perfect dessert,,ru,and chocolate in it without impurities,,ru, but the sugar is replaced by - maltitol.

When choosing a chocolate treat, addition of natural, Pay attention to the weight of the feast, buy small-sized candies, плитки или шоколадные яйца, которые диетологи называют практически идеальным десертом, for children.

Chocolate egg contains: 42% milk, а шоколад в нем без примесей. Located in the middle of toys distract the child from a large number of eating sweets,,ru,Therefore, choosing a chocolate treats,,ru. But, All this applies only to high-quality chocolate. Since there have been incidents, detected when the parties chocolate eggs, with dangerous toys to children's health. Поэтому выбирая шоколадные лакомства, give preference to well-known producers, surprise at the quality should be no plastic flavor,,ru,harmless toppings and let the baby on one or more pieces,,ru,but if you eat 200-300g at a time,,ru.

In order to avoid unnecessary temptation, chocolate candy buy in bulk, with light, безвредными начинками и давайте ребенку по одной или несколько штук. After all, most of the chocolates made from vegetable fat, instead of cocoa - butter. In addition, they contain a significant amount of artificial food additives, dyes and thickeners.
Several of these candies are not able to harm, а вот если съесть 200-300г за один раз, it can lead to allergic reactions or stomach upset. Another very harmful chocolate bars,,ru,eating right,,ru,Healthy children is not desirable to give a moving dark chocolate,,ru,stimulant effect on the nervous system of the child,,ru, they are very fond of children, съедая сразу, with the result that the body gets immediately 400 kcal, which is equivalent to a complete meal.

Give your child the chocolate, After a hearty breakfast or dinner, making sure that, that he did not eat sweets before meals, and even more so did not replace a full breakfast treats. Only in this way, Sweetness is not navredât zubam, since the sucrose contained in chocolate, forming lactic acid, and it increases the natural acid balance, which leads to the destruction of the enamel. And after the meal, formed plaque on the teeth from food, therefore, the harm from a minimum of sweets. Also eaten chocolate before breakfast, suppresses the appetite of the child.

Здоровым подвижным детям нежелательно давать горький шоколад, because the presence of caffeine and theobromine, влияет возбуждающе на нервную систему ребенка. And if not indignant, If your child begins to act up, rage and refuse to go to bed.

Dark chocolate is recommended to use for children,ru, impaired long illness or involved in sports.

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