Fake chocolate, poor quality and counterfeit chocolates

Nutritionists say, that chocolate gives us the joy of hormones, helps to lose weight and strengthens the immune system.
But nowadays more and more difficult to find a real chocolate, more often there are fake chocolate, poor quality and adulterated, ведь многие шоколадки не обладают главным компонентом – какао маслом, and without it, chocolate is not chocolate, a pathetic fake.
This is not due to a decrease in the harvest of cocoa beans, in consequence of that in the near future the usual chocolates will be a rarity, and for the replacement of natural cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter, in chocolate, replace two of its equivalents, first palm oil, which is then mixed with grated cocoa, get the result that the chocolate that melts at a temperature + 32FROM (Natural chocolate melts at a temperature + 31FROM).
The second equivalent of natural cocoa butter is even more harmful than the palm oil, a synthetic substitute, to make on the basis of lauric acid, mixing the cake with cocoa - powder. Such chocolate sticks strongly to the teeth and melts at a temperature of 35C.

Often found falsifying Chocolate, which may be made by substituting one kind of chocolate the other. So in the chocolate mass is introduced in large quantities less valuable components (Powdered and condensed milk, cream, raisins, pounded nuts, candied fruit, crushed wafers, etc. n), thereby reducing the content of the more expensive components – cocoa butter and cocoa mass.
To increase the weight of the chocolate manufacturer may introduce an increased amount of sugar or water, thereby increasing the weight of the finished product and adding cocoa powder, which is much cheaper than cocoa butter.
Since chocolate is a fat and water in the environment it does not dissolve, to impose a variety of chocolate emulsifier.
Not conscientious manufacturers also added to the chocolate and soy protein products and, which is recognizable by a lighter and a matte surface, a chocolate stick to the teeth and breaking produces a hollow sound.
To extend the shelf life (and natural chocolate has a small shelf-life) impose various preservatives and antioxidants, without specifying which entered in the preservatives or antioxidants. After adding the chocolate preservatives and antioxidants extend shelf life of chocolate, He kept much longer than real chocolate. If before you chocolate or chocolate product with a term of the implementation of more 4 months, then it must contain an antioxidant.

Making high-quality counterfeit manufacturers of chocolate products helps a well-developed chemical industry. Many people believe, that dark chocolate, this is a real, natural chocolate, but it is not always true and in most cases cheaper dark chocolate, black because, that it contained dyes.

In the production of cheap chocolates, cocoa butter substitute cheap Malaysian, Indonesian palm oil. Abroad, this oil is used in the production of grease, soap and other chemical products.

Palm oil, before adding in the chocolate mass is subjected to hydrolysis, changing the structure of molecules, Such molecules are upset immunity of the person. Increase the risk of developing diabetes and cancer, eventually it accumulates in the blood vessels in the form of fatty plaques, clogging blood vessels, males decreases the number of male hormone - testosterone. Plus, all the palm oil contains a mixture of heavy metals. Its a lot of ground in South Asia, the reason for that volcanoes. For example, cadmium, which accumulate in the body, causes brittle bones.

Before you buy a chocolate bar, Be sure to read the label of.

If specified on the package of chocolate such as cocoa powder composition, that manufacturers deliberately introduce consumer fraud, because cocoa powder - a waste, that remain, When the cocoa - beans cocoa butter is extracted, manufacturers import cocoa - powder called - cocoa led.

If the composition of chocolate you'll meet such words as "equivalent", "Substitute", does this confectionary tiles. Do not be afraid of this ingredient as "lecithin", it is used since 50 years, to reduce the viscosity of chocolate.

Present, quality chocolate is stored 3-4 Months, at a temperature of 15 to 21 degrees and humidity 75%. Chocolate bar does not like bright light and moisture,ru, Chocolate is better to store in a dark place and separate from other foods.

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