How to distinguish a real, high-quality chocolate is from a fake

Nowadays, more and more difficult to find a real chocolate, All are more common fake chocolate, substandard and counterfeit so loved us goodies. So how to distinguish the real from the fake chocolate, how to be a real, quality chocolate?

In the first place, when buying chocolates, should carefully examine the label, acquainted with the composition of the product.
So on the packaging of each chocolate bar, must indicate the full composition of the components.
Should carefully read this part of the components, If you find such components as, hydrogenated fats, vegetable fats or oils in front of you just a sweet tile, not a real chocolate.

Present, quality chocolate does not contain any food additives (Amplifiers of taste and smell, dyes, emulsifiers, etc.)

If the price is significantly lower than the price of similar products from other companies and you do not find the composition of cocoa, in front of you with a low-quality fake preservatives.

Check the date of manufacture of chocolate and implementation period.

Producers are not always fair point of chocolate, sometimes stating in the "cocoa - butter, which is not in the . Recognize a fake chocolate can in appearance. Real chocolate has a glossy surface without bubbles, and matte tile stands, that chocolate is replaced by a cheap imitation cocoa - butter.

Fake chocolate, does not melt in your hands and crumble when breaking on kusochki, and real chocolate breaks with a dry crack and in any case does not extend.

If you put a small piece of chocolate on the tongue, it instantly melts (What happens in the case, If cocoa butter fats replaced). This is because, that cocoa butter melts at a temperature of +32 degrees;

Often, fake chocolate used in chocolates or bars, filled, so it's easier to hide behind a fake raisins, dried apricots, nuts, nougat or alcohol.

In Europe, the law allows you to replace cocoa - butter in confectionery products only 5%, we do not have any restrictions, whereupon, many domestic producers, when - then make chocolate of excellent quality, slipped to second-class production.


How to distinguish a real, quality dark chocolate from a fake
Remember that chocolate is called bitter, if more cocoa 50%, and black – If cocoa around 40%.
In consequence of that dark chocolate, you know the level of cocoa content - products, the amount which the manufacturer on the label indicates the large digits on the front of the wrapper; 74%, 80%, 60%, higher % so useful and chocolate dietichnee, but not all, like a chocolate. And if the label specified 47 or 50% , this suggests that the more chocolate icing sugar, so she Caloric. Average calorie dark chocolate 400 – 550 kcal.


How to distinguish a real, quality milk chocolate from a fake
At the bar of milk chocolate does not indicate the level of cocoa products, but usually milk chocolate contains cocoa 35-40%. In milk chocolate contents of the above powdered sugar and powdered milk, than in dark chocolate.

White Chocolate, most calories, because it contains no cocoa powder or grated, only oil, powdered milk and a significant amount of powdered sugar and natural vanilla.
Before buying any chocolate, Unforgettable look at the label, chocolate producers probably thought, that the average buyer is not able to distinguish the taste of real chocolate to simulate it - or simply sweet tiles.

Chocolate mixture on the basis of coconut or palm oil, crumble, does not melt in your hands and mouth, chocolate just stick in the mouth and the teeth.

Shelf life in this short chocolate, so manufacturers add preservatives chocolate, extending the shelf life at times.

Good-looking chocolate should be uniform in color, smooth and shiny.

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