Можно ли шоколад при грудном вскармливании?

грудное вскармливаниеСладкоежки очень любят шоколад, особенно такой страстью к вкусному продукту обладают женщины. А можно ли кушать шоколад молодым мамочкам при грудном вскармливании?

На выработку грудного молока в организме молодой мамы затрачивается большое количество глюкозы, precisely because of the lack of this substance and craving arises for sweets, namely, for chocolate. What are the benefits and harms of chocolate for nursing mothers?

Benefits of chocolate

The main benefit of chocolate is its part of. Important to remember, helpful staff that has only natural and high-quality chocolate, rather than dairy plant tiles. What are the benefits of chocolate or melted hot chocolate breastfeeding?

горячий шоколад

  • As part of this chocolate contains a large amount of antioxidants, due to which the body lactating mothers slows down the aging process and normal operation of the heart muscle,ru.
  • The lack of glucose in the body impairs the general physical condition of young mother. Compensate for the lack of glucose can be regularly and strictly metered consumption of chocolate.
  • The use of high-quality chocolate stimulates the body's production of the hormone of happiness, which are responsible for good mood and excellent health nursing mothers. For the positive effect it is recommended to use for 25 gr. chocolate per day.

Harm chocolate


Sweet product can cause negative reactions in the body of a young mother and baby, who is breastfed. What is the harm of chocolate?

  • The biggest danger is chocolate in the manifestation of allergic reactions in the infant. Chocolate is a product vysokoallergennym, so the young mothers to refrain from its use until the child is 3 months.
  • Chocolate – it is quite heavy product, which causes additional strain on the internal organs in the body of the baby.
  • At the present time to buy a quality product rather difficult, most manufacturers added to the composition of vegetable fats chocolate, oils and food chemistry, that affect the baby's health.

In the first months of life nursing mother should completely give up eating chocolate, in order to avoid adverse reactions in the infant.