Chocolate lovers more slender

Chocolate lovers more slender, the conclusion made by American scientists, in the course of the study which was attended by a thousand people.
The study authors examined the diet of calorie intake and body mass index, which is a measure of obesity.

It was found, that people who eat chocolate in the middle a few times a week, more slender, than those who ate chocolate less.
Although chocolate is a very nutritious product, it contains ingredients, that may contribute to weight loss, but not the synthesis of fat, U.S. researchers believe.
The link between chocolate consumption and weight was seen even when taken into account other factors, for example, exercise.
It seems, that it is important, How often do you eat chocolate, not how much chocolate you eat.
The study found no relation with the amount consumed by the weight of the product.
According to scientists, There is only one chance in a hundred, that the findings could be the result of coincidence.

Lead study author Beatrice Golomb of the University of California at San Diego said,: “Our results complement the existing information about, that it is the composition of calories, and not just their number is important to determine their effect on weight”.

This is not the first study, suggesting, что шоколад может позитивно влиять на здоровье человека, There are other works, The authors argue that, that chocolate reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease perhaps remedy for heart attacks.

It turns out, consumption of individual types of chocolate can be associated with favorable changes in blood pressure, sensitivity to insulin and cholesterol levels.

And the chocolate, especially the dark, contains antioxidants, to help absorb the harmful free radicals – volatile chemicals, which may cause damage to body cells.

Dr. Golomb and her colleagues believe, that catechins, that is, antioxidant compounds, can improve muscle mass and lose weight - at least, is supported by studies, conducted in rodents.

Mice were fed during the 15 days epicatechin, substance, contained in cocoa and dark chocolate. After that, they are better exercises, they also were visible changes in muscle mass.

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