Dark chocolate reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

We all know, that chocolate is good for health, But a recent study touched only dark chocolate. In the course of the study proved, что чёрный шоколад оказывает благотворное влияние на сердечно-сосудистую систему человека.

Employees of the University of London, headed by Professor Roger Cordero proved, that regular consumption of dark chocolate prevents blood clots in blood vessels, and improves the quality and quantity of blood cells, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Healing effects of flavonoids have – substance, contained in cocoa beans, and more chocolate as part of the natural resources, so much the better, а самое большое количество флавоноидов именно в чёрном шоколаде.

Professor Corder and staff of the University of London have calculated, that the maximum beneficial effect on heart 25 grams of dark chocolate a day, is about 2-3 slices of chocolate.

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