E476 в шоколаде – влияние на организм

добавкиСовременная пищевая промышленность в большинстве случаев не может обойтись без использования различных добавок. Красители, консерванты, усилители вкуса и прочие подобные вещества значительно облегчают жизнь производителям продуктов. Однако пользу эти добавки приносят, как правило, лишь самим производителям, но никак не потребителям. Exception - vitamin and mineral supplements.

Production Chocolate in this respect no different from other sectors of the food industry. In addition to standard flavor enhancers, used in the manufacture of chocolate stabilizer E476 (polyglycerol, polyricinoleate). If the chocolate has a high percentage of fat, it has good fluidity. When used for the production of sweets is not very fat chocolate, the manufacturer has to be added to the weight of the polyglycerol, in order to enhance the level of aerodynamics, and simultaneously reduce the consumption of cocoa butter.

почки и печень

E476 is a food stabilizer, takje émwlgatorom. This stabilizer is allowed in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, EU countries. However, expert opinions about its harm to the human body are divided. One can say for sure: polyglycerol not harmless. There is evidence, because of regular use in food E476 increase in size liver and kidneys. Moreover, food with the addition of E476 is able to provoke metabolic processes in the human body. By the way, the additive does not cause allergic reactions. With special attention should be taken to-eat products with polyglycerol children, as well as people, having gastrointestinal diseases. At the same time, studies show effects E476, that the substance is not toxic, and it does not cause epidermal irritation upon contact with skin.

There is absolutely harmless analog of polyglycerol - soy lecithin (E322). However, it is significantly more expensive, so, как правило, and is not used in the food industry in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.