Allergies to chocolate, symptoms of allergies and allergy-causing ingredient of chocolate

Allergies to chocolate – one type of food allergy, is the impact of allergen on the immune system of the human body. If you are allergic to chocolate allergens are some of the ingredients that go into of chocolate.

Let's see what are the ingredients of chocolate can cause allergies to chocolate:

Allergies to Cocoa:
Cocoa – Again any chocolate, so in the dark chocolate cocoa more 50%, in black - about cocoa 40%, and milk chocolate contains cocoa 35-40%.

It would seem that may cause an allergic reaction in cocoa, because cocoa is made from cocoa beans, which contain a large amount of very valuable substances, only about 300 various substances. The most important of these: anandamide, arginine, dopamine (neurotransmitter), epikatetsin (antioxidant), histamine, magnesium, serotonin (neurotransmitter), tryptophan, phenylethylamine, polyphenol (antioxidant), tyramine, and salsolinol.

Approximate chemical composition of the cocoa:
* 54,0 % Fats
* 11,5 % proteins
* 9,0 % cellulose
* 7,5 % starch polysaccharides
* 6,0 % tannins (tannin)
* 5,0 % water
* 2,6 % minerals and salts
* 2,0 % organic acids and flavoring substances
* 1,0 % saccharides
* 0,2 % caffeine

But not so simple, the fact that in Africa, America and Asia where it grows the tree of cocoa, which are collected and transported from cocoa beans sanitary conditions to say the least not very good.
A little step back to say that you do not want anybody to call a bad attitude, disgust or aversion to chocolate, you just need to choose the right chocolate.
In cocoa beans, live cockroaches, cocoa beans and their favorite staple food, and collected cocoa beans are processed and milled together with cockroaches, completely clear because the cocoa beans from the cockroach carcasses is not physically possible.

It is well explained by the presence of a common allergy to cocoa and chocolate products, and to blame – chitin.
Chitin is a substance-vysokoallergennoe, from which the shell consists of cockroaches and a variety of.
Chitin is not soluble in water, Resistant to dilute acids, alkalis, alcohol and other organic solvents.
In Thailand, for example, where the roaches eat them with a pre-take off armor, in order to avoid allergic reactions to chitin.

Milk allergy:
Milk – one of the ingredients of chocolate, the milk contains more 50 useful macro- and trace elements.
The major minerals are calcium milk, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine and sulfur, and salts - phosphates, citrate and chloride.
Trace elements considered to be minerals, concentration is low and is measured in micrograms per 1 kg of product. These include iron, copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, iodine, molybdenum, fluorine, aluminum, silicon, selenium, tin, chrome, Lead and other. In the milk they are associated with membranes of fat globules (Faith, With), casein and whey proteins (I, It, Zn, To the,), part of the enzyme (Faith, Mo, Mn, Zn, It), Vitamins (Co).

But not all people can consume milk and dairy products is associated with lactase deficiency or lactose intolerance.
Lactase - an enzyme, which breaks down lactose, and deficiency of this enzyme in the body (lactase deficiency) leads to malabsorption of lactose and poor tolerance of food, containing lactose (lactose intolerance).
It should be noted, that a significant proportion of lactase (to 80%) bacteria produce the normal intestinal microflora (bifidobacteria, laktobakerii, Escherichia coli with normal enzyme activity).
The inhabitants of Northern Europe, who identified lactose intolerance, It usually develops after 20 years. The prevalence of lactase deficiency in Russia varies from region to region. Some studies show, that, in particular, in the North, predisposition to lactose intolerance can be up to 35 % residents.

If, after, how do you eat a chocolate bar and the body reacted to it allergy – maybe you are allergic to milk and milk products – lactase deficiency.
Symptoms of lactase deficiency determined by the excess growth and increased activity of intestinal microflora to digest lactose, and the osmotic effect of undigested lactose in the intestine.

The main symptoms of lactase deficiency is: Flatulence (vzdutie life), abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting. It should be noted, that the symptoms of lactase deficiency are always associated with the consumption of products, containing lactose.

Among the products containing lactose can be noted all kinds of confectionery products, dark chocolate, candy, biscuits, jujube, baking, cookies, condensed milk, margarine, Bread and bakery products.

Allergy to nuts:
Allergy to nuts is a reaction to the proteins contained in the nuts, in this case due to the excipients included in the chocolates and candy bars.
Symptoms of an allergy to nuts can be fairly easy – nausea, watery eyes and more serious – swollen throat and mouth, drop in blood pressure and difficulty in breathing.
Some people have an allergic reaction appears even from traces of nuts in the air or even kiss a person, who had eaten nuts.
Most people are allergic to nuts allergic reaction caused by peanuts – is about 75% all cases of allergy.
Peanuts, in fact, not a real nut, and legume, so people can have allergic reactions to peanuts, but not on the nuts from the trees and vice versa.

Allergies to Fruits:
Some people have allergies can cause fruit, among the fruits most often cause allergic apricots, plums, cherry, apples, pears, bananas, melons, Kiwi, papaya, Peaches and pineapples.
The most common symptom of allergies is the fruit of allergic reactions in the mouth and throat. There may be tingling, itching and swelling in the mouth, Lip, Language, Gorla and sky. Watery bloodshot eyes, runny nose and sneezing can accompany an allergic reaction.
More serious symptoms include vomiting, convulsions, diarrhea, and in rare cases, swelling of the larynx, shortness of breath and breathing problems.

Allergy to soy:
Almost all chocolate products are added antioxidant E322 - lecithin, soy.
Allergy to soy is mostly in children under two to three years, adults are allergic to soy is extremely rare and probably qualifies as the idiosyncrasy of soy protein.
Symptoms of allergies to soy can include: fatigue, weakness, nausea, bunged up nose, gastro-intestinal tract, hypotension, diseases of the skin.

Symptoms of Allergies to chocolate:
The most common symptom of an allergy to chocolate is a skin rash, Heartburn and itching, in severe cases of allergy – breathing problems.

This article does not call for that to exclude chocolate from the diet, because for many of us, chocolate is not just a treat and something much more.

If you have the allergy to chocolate, you need to see a doctor for professional advice, maybe it's an allergic reaction to a certain kind of chocolate or one of the ingredients is part of the chocolate.

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