Marshmallows in chocolate without chocolate

After a hard day's work, so want to go home, Pour hot tea, pouyutnee arranged in an easy chair and enjoy dessert, and choose the marshmallows for dessert, but not simple, and chocolate. But as it turned out, Manufacturers often dissemble, pointing, that uses real chocolate delicacy. The manufacturing process is not simple, it is called tempering. All done by an experienced science can only master. Chocolate first vymeshivayut intensively at high temperatures, several times and then cooled.

– If at least one of the stages of break, it is immediately affect the appearance of chocolate, – said the Chief of the physico-chemical laboratory "Test-St.Petersburg" Catherine Poliektova. - You may see white patches, or chocolate will be crumbly. Although the taste is not affected.

As if that was not, Manufacturers do not want to risk once again, because instead of using real chocolate confectionery glaze. Since it is easier to work and, Yes, and it is cheaper.

– The glaze is made up of sugar, cocoa and fat - cocoa butter substitute, – told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in the organization of "public control".

That is, cocoa butter in the glaze is not as a class.

It turns, that, under the name "Zephyr in chocolate" often lies in the marshmallow frosting. Although the ordinary consumer to taste once and determines, disingenuous or not the manufacturer.

In a laboratory study, "Social control" sent eight samples marshmallow.

– Confectionery coating instead of chocolate found in three of them: marshmallow "CF" Neva " – trademark "La Neige", company "Turiba" and confectionery "NPK" – trademark "Anshante", – said the chairman of "public control" Vsevolod Vishnevetsky.

As part of, reflected in the label manufacturers do not hide, that the cocoa butter in chocolate glaze is not, but the font without the glasses do not always make out.

– It seems to be fairly, but the name of the product misleads the consumer, – clarifies Vishnevetsky. – And this is a violation of the law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.

Rejected by experts and "Marshmallow with fruit jam in the glaze," Elegy, "the company" Quantum " – trade mark "time-tested recipes".

– On the package did not specify the composition of the glaze, energy value of the label, did not correspond to the actual content of carbohydrates, form - the broken, consistency - dryish, – Experts have told.

Hereby acknowledged marshmallows in the chocolate one sample - the "Classic" brand "Sharmel" Company "Udarnitsa".

– Only found in its composition of cocoa butter, – they say in "public control".

Tested and three samples: marshmallow production of "KF Fintur", company "Neva Banks" and "CF behalf Samoilova".

– The composition is fully consistent with Title, because the word "chocolate" is not used in these, – explained to the inspectors.

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