Dolce vita

Chief taster chocolate production UK, 47-Summer Angus Kennedy, had left his job at the request of a sweet doctors.
Doctors were relentless and strictly forbade Angus Kennedy test confectionery, after two years of work, he has recovered on 15 kg, eating almost 1 kg of chocolate every day.

Chief taster UK chocolate products, Angus Kennedy was in October 2010 year, receiving for your sweet work 30 000 pounds per year.
His duties included the description of the taste of confectionery products from the leading companies in the country. Moreover, Kennedy has worked with brands Mars and Nestle, factories which are located in the UK.

His main work week taster of chocolate products divided into two halves.
A few days later he tasted the novelties of the market, and then described them for various magazines, one of which (Kennedy’s Confection) he leads 20 years.

During testing, Angus Kennedy sweets to eat at least 800g of chocolate, and when he was invited to the exhibition of confectionery products - at least 1 kg. In addition, recognition Kennedy, as head of the magazine obliged him to try some 200 types of chocolate products in a month.

According to strict insistence of doctors from their chocolate Kennedy had to give up work, оставив сладкую жизнь в прошлом.
Angus Kennedy went to work taster, sat on a diet, excluding consumption of chocolate at all and continues to work in Kennedy's Confection magazine.

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