Именной шоколад компании Modica Сhocolate

The Italian company Modica Shocolate launched a personal chocolate using high-quality cocoa beans from Ecuador.

Chocolate of Modica Shocolate will be made by way of traditional Sicilian "cioccolato di Modica", and brand development was entrusted to the studio Happycentro.

The basis for the development of the design of chocolate has taken the idea of ​​a responsible attitude to the environment from the manufacturer,ru.

Thus, in the range of chocolates includes six flavors, each with a bright and unique personality.

First, designers developed Identity, then the logo and, at last, packaging. The brand was named Sabadi.
Word Sabadi Italian language is translated as not existing in reality, or the day when we cease to hurry up and think about how, what is really important for us to.

For each of the six types of chocolate was invented a named character with a name and has developed a very original packaging, of which seemed to look out characters with chocolates.

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