Hot chocolate. calorific value

Горячий шоколад разливаютThe benefits and the joy of hot chocolate are particularly striking in the cold season: this drink warm, saturate and give a feeling of happiness! Many people are concerned about the issue: how many calories in all adored hot chocolate? Little – Total 145-150 Kcal. However, there …

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Как растопить шоколад на водяной бане

топленый шоколадВ рецепте с шоколадом часто говорится о необходимости растопить его на водяной бане. Процесс этот несложный. Но у него есть несколько секретов правильного приготовления.


  • Chocolate. Это составляющая рецепта, на которой не стоит экономить.

Состав выбранного продукта должно быть минимальным. …

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Dolce vita

Chief taster chocolate production UK, 47-Summer Angus Kennedy, had left his job at the request of a sweet doctors.
Doctors were relentless and strictly forbade Angus Kennedy test confectionery, after two years of work, he has recovered on 15 kg, eating almost 1 …

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Marshmallows in chocolate without chocolate

After a hard day's work, so want to go home, Pour hot tea, pouyutnee arranged in an easy chair and enjoy dessert, and choose the marshmallows for dessert, but not simple, and chocolate. But as it turned out, Manufacturers often dissemble, pointing, that …

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