Aerated chocolate

Пористый шоколадAerated chocolate, как и прочие сорта какао лакомства, подразделяется на черный, milk and white. Some tiles contain stuffing or additives - dried fruits, puffed rice, Whole and ground peanuts. The first appeared in the autumn air chocolates 1935 g. in British and Czechoslovak artists. The British called their product "Aero", Czechs - "Vista". The Russians were able to indulge yourself in the sweetness of the domestic 1967 city, when the confectionery company "Red October" has extended its range of "Glory" and "The Little Humpbacked Horse".

Energy value of one porous tiles are:

  • Proteins - 23 kcal or 5,7 g;
  • fats - 250 kcal or 27,9 g;
  • carbohydrates - 245 kcal or 61,4 g.

In total calorie chocolate with bubbles have to 522 kcal.

How comes this unusual product? Each company has its own secrets, but, like ordinary chocolate, porous grade specialists manufactured on modern production lines. Unlike other power is in their equipment and vacuum generators special machinery, lying between the collector output and temperature control unit.

In the center of the unit passes a low-speed turbine, essential for beating the chocolate mixture. During processing, it is saturated with carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Next, the mass moves into the vacuum generator, which is about 4 часа. Temperature conditions are maintained at 40 градусов. Exposure to vacuum causes air bubbles to expand. Subsequently, they are distributed evenly throughout the content unit,ru.

Пористый шоколад

Technological criteria foaming machine manufacturers do not reveal - they are unique to each enterprise,ru. It is from these parameters it depends on the size of the original whimsical bubbles,ru. The second option is to obtain a porous chocolate room in the bulk form and install it in the airless vacuum boiler. Air, which is in a mixture, necessary forms "balls".

The subsequent casting process is similar to the issue of conventional tiles. But the output of the same volume of spent material is a product with different weight. Tile has a weight aerated chocolate 75 g, And it is equal to the standard sweets 100 grams.

The benefits of aerated chocolate can say the following. If it is not a case of obesity, metabolic disorders and diabetes, the sweet product will only bring positive changes. It will improve the activity of the brain and cardiovascular system, It will help prevent cavities and depression, increase efficiency and lift your spirits. But all this can only be achieved with moderate consumption of sweets. To aerated chocolate was carrying only good, nutritionists advised to eat no more than daily 25 g, ie one third of the tiles.

Council optionally aerated chocolate can be given a. When buying, make sure the goodies, that it does not contain cocoa powder, soybean, cottonseed oil or palm. Their presence in the product says about its uselessness and provides cheap confectionery tiles, and not a natural product of high quality.

Cocoa butter is expensive component, but in order to save its substitute vegetable fats. According to the latest scientific information, These substances accumulate in the body and in a large number are to blame for the development of oncological diseases nature. It is better to overpay for chocolate cocoa butter, than years to solve health problems,ru.

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