Горький шоколад

горький шоколадЗнаете ли вы, что первая в мире плитка шоколада была именно горькой, instead breast, as erroneously thought most? Homeland chocolate - India, it is the first Indians used the fruit of the cocoa tree, they are prepared fragrant hot drink, flavored with different spices. then 16 century learned about this delicacy in Europe, and the beneficial effects on human health began to consider it a treat not, and medicine. Even three centuries of chocolate recipe legends, since this product is considered a state secret, for disclosure of the recipe facing the death penalty. For the first time in 19 century England, Joseph Fry with a special press, extracting cocoa butter from cocoa beans has created the very first bar of dark chocolate. But after a few decades, Daniel Peter, who lived in Switzerland, I decided to add a bit of milk powder in dark chocolate, and turned, таким образом, chocolate milk. Итак, Let's learn more about the properties of bitter, or as it is called dark chocolate.

Varieties of chocolate

Once chocolate was only available to the rich, now manufacturers offer us a wide range of dessert. It is conditionally possible to divide the whole dark chocolate into three groups: monolithic, porous and, most popular - tiled. It happens with different fillings and additives: nuts, raisins, puffed rice, pieces of fruit, etc.. д. But gourmets around the world increasingly prefer the conventional dark chocolate with no additives. To please the fastidious buyer, manufacturers embody the all-new recipes for this delicacy, the last few years the novelty - chocolate with pepper.

The composition of dark chocolate

And what is all the same favorite food? Recipes differ, but the basic ingredients remain the same: cocoa powder and cocoa butter tree in large quantities, лецитин, natural flavoring. How to choose a real dark chocolate? First of all, pay attention to the percentage of cocoa in it, in a good and tasty tile the figure of at least 70%. Remember, that high-quality chocolate bar melted in your hands. If you can not eat the whole tile is entirely, then wrap it in foil and label, put it in a dark cool place, but not in refrigerator.

Калорийность горького шоколада

Energy value of dark chocolate depends on its content of cocoa products, will add extra calories and additives: nuts, fudge, various toppings. The more the tile chocolate cocoa beans, so it is healthier and less caloric. If you got a chocolate with a low cocoa content, means the manufacturer and saved this dessert contains more sugar. Remember, that chocolate milk and White They contain a lot of sugar, and in this bitter it is almost there. Depending on the formulation in 100 grams of dark chocolate contains from 450 to 550 калорий.

Benefits and harms of dark chocolate

Due to the low sugar content, dark chocolate is more useful, what is harmful to the human body. Low glycemic index of this product makes it affordable for even the diabetics. Moreover, dark chocolate good for the heart and blood vessels, since it contains a lot of natural antioxidants - flavonoids. And they are responsible for a young man, укрепляют сосуды, prevent the formation of blood clots. Antioxidants also normalize blood pressure, защищают от инфарктов, strokes, atherosclerosis.

Many appreciate the dark chocolate for a tonic, invigorating effect, for nutrition. Proved, the tile of this delicacy is able to calm the man, привести нервы в порядок, снять напряжение. This type of chocolate activates brain work, укрепляет иммунитет, является сильным афродизиаком.

Excessive consumption of dark chocolate can be harmful to health, will decay, gastritis, or allergic rash. Nutritionists do not recommend to eat more 50 grams of chocolate per day.