Confectionary “VK”

Confectionary “VK” (VC), Chocolate Factory, founded in 2001 g. - Russian manufacturer of high quality chocolate "premium".
The quality of the chocolate confectionery “VK” says the constant interest of buyers and received many awards at various national and international competitions, and …

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Шоколад с кокосом и карри

American company Theo Chocolate produces chocolate with a rather unusual flavor is chocolate with coconut and curry.
Chocolate with coconut and curry has an unusual spicy flavor, taste of milk chocolate with toasted coconut and spicy curry.

Becky Deauville leading chocolatiers company …

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Salty Chocolate

It turns out chocolate can not only be sweet and salty, and salty chocolate pastry called many completely natural, по их мнению соль в шоколаде подчеркивает и даже усиливает сладкий вкус шоколадки.

Salted chocolate is produced in different countries, например американская …

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Chocolate with bacon or bacon in chocolate

Chocolate and bacon was established in America as an exotic dish, gaining popularity in the U.S. chocolate and bacon went to conquer Europe.

So chocolate and bacon was a hit in London, after 48 часов с момента выхода в продажу в четырех …

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Chocolate for weight loss

Chocolate for weight loss is made all over the world. По утверждению производителей шоколада для похудения, technology for preparation of this unusual chocolate studied and improved for years.

The process of getting chocolate slimming complex, но оно того стоит, ведь продукт имеет вкус и цвет …

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Healthy Chocolate

Scientists from the University of Warwick have invented a recipe for a harmless chocolate figures.
The secret is, to replace the bulk of milk fat and cocoa butter small droplets of juice.
As a result, the chocolate will have a fruity flavor, but, replacing the juice with water and add …

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Chocolate enhances the effectiveness of drugs

British scientists at Cambridge biotech company with “Lycotec” провели эксперимент и пришли к выводу, that chocolate can increase the effectiveness of drugs.

Шоколаду усиливать эффективность лекарств помогают вещества из группы флавоноидов – вещества содержащиеся в какао, Flavonoids are extremely good for the heart …

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Allergies to chocolate, symptoms of allergies and allergy-causing ingredient of chocolate

Allergies to chocolate – one type of food allergy, is the impact of allergen on the immune system of the human body. If you are allergic to chocolate allergens are some of the ingredients that go into of chocolate.

Давайте разберёмся какие ингредиенты шоколада могут вызывать аллергию на

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Fake chocolate, poor quality and counterfeit chocolates

Nutritionists say, that chocolate gives us the joy of hormones, helps to lose weight and strengthens the immune system.
But nowadays more and more difficult to find a real chocolate, more often there are fake chocolate, poor quality and adulterated, ведь многие шоколадки не обладают главным компонентом – какао маслом, …

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Hot chocolate with liqueur

Hot chocolate with liquor cooked very simply, for cooking 4 servings of hot chocolate with liqueur you will need these ingredients:

150 g of dark chocolate,
2 tbsp. cocoa powder,
600 ml of whole milk,
4 tbsp. chocolate liqueur,
4 tbsp. sugar.

Hot chocolate

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Hot chocolate – Irish

Irish hot chocolate cooked very simply, for cooking 4 Irish servings of hot chocolate you will need these ingredients:

100 g of milk chocolate,
2 tbsp. cocoa powder,
250 ml 30% cream,
400 ml of milk,
60 ml Irish whiskey.

Preparation of the Irish hot chocolate:

Half …

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