Chocolate flavored truffles

Mast Brothers chocolate flavored black truffle.
Black Truffle – edible mushroom, it is a very highly valued delicacy, который называют «чёрным бриллиантом на столе».
Black truffle is used in cooked, as well as small quantities of raw as spicy and fragrant …

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Chocolate with bacon or bacon in chocolate

Chocolate and bacon was established in America as an exotic dish, gaining popularity in the U.S. chocolate and bacon went to conquer Europe.

So chocolate and bacon was a hit in London, after 48 часов с момента выхода в продажу в четырех …

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Chocolate for weight loss

Chocolate for weight loss is made all over the world. По утверждению производителей шоколада для похудения, technology for preparation of this unusual chocolate studied and improved for years.

The process of getting chocolate slimming complex, но оно того стоит, ведь продукт имеет вкус и цвет …

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Dark Chocolate – remedy for heart attacks

U.S. scientists have conducted studies, during which it became clear, that for the full functioning of the cardiovascular system of man is very useful dark chocolate.

Employees of the University of London as shown, that regular consumption of dark chocolate prevents blood clots in blood vessels, улучшая количество и качество …

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