Chocolate and the Nobel Prize

In an American study of Franz Messerli, труды которого опубликованы в авторитетном журнале New England Journal of Medicine говорится, that the number of Nobel laureates in a country depends on the average number of chocolate, consumption per capita.

Franz Messerli …

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Chocolate improves blood circulation

Chocolate improves blood circulation, to this view came the representatives of the European Agency for Food Safety, в ходе изучения влияния шоколада на организм человека. Исследователи обнаружили, that chocolate resists damage blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the body.

After analyzing the data set of experiments …

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Chocolate helps prevent stroke

Chocolate helps prevent stroke, This assumption nominated Swedish researchers, assuming, that eating chocolate can help reduce the risk of stroke.

In a study of Swedish scientists participated 37 thousands of volunteers, that were included in your weekly diet chocolate bar.

The results have shown, …

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Chocolate and intelligence

Dark bitter chocolate has beneficial effects on human intelligence.
Scientists conducted a study and found, that eating dark chocolate improves mental ability in middle-aged people.
Moreover, dark chocolate can be "cured" some cognitive impairment. This effect is achieved by …

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Healthy Chocolate

Scientists from the University of Warwick have invented a recipe for a harmless chocolate figures.
The secret is, to replace the bulk of milk fat and cocoa butter small droplets of juice.
As a result, the chocolate will have a fruity flavor, but, replacing the juice with water and add …

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Chocolate kakaograf

American scientists have invented an interesting device – какаограф, kakaograf projects the downloaded image on chocolate.

Design kakaografa made in retro style, than it reminding Polaroid camera.
In order to get a chocolate picture, need to upload the image to the official website of the manufacturer and choose a variety of …

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Chocolate enhances the effectiveness of drugs

British scientists at Cambridge biotech company with “Lycotec” провели эксперимент и пришли к выводу, that chocolate can increase the effectiveness of drugs.

Шоколаду усиливать эффективность лекарств помогают вещества из группы флавоноидов – вещества содержащиеся в какао, Flavonoids are extremely good for the heart …

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Chocolate lovers more slender

Chocolate lovers more slender, the conclusion made by American scientists, in the course of the study which was attended by a thousand people.
The study authors examined the diet of calorie intake and body mass index, which is a measure of obesity.

It was found, что люди которые в …

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Chocolate slows the aging process

British scientists, in the course of research conducted, found that the daily dosage eating dark chocolate slows down the aging process in general.

So when using only a few slices of dark chocolate a day slows down all processes in the body ages. Dark chocolate prevents …

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Dark Chocolate – remedy for heart attacks

U.S. scientists have conducted studies, during which it became clear, that for the full functioning of the cardiovascular system of man is very useful dark chocolate.

Employees of the University of London as shown, that regular consumption of dark chocolate prevents blood clots in blood vessels, улучшая количество и качество …

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