Chocolate from camel milk for diabetics

Chocolate from camel milk, this unusual chocolate is available in the United Arab Emirates, Al Nassma Chocolate Company.

Representatives of the chocolate company Al Nassma claim, that chocolate from camel milk is much more useful traditional chocolate, and due to reduced fat content is suitable even for diabetics.

In …

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Chocolate with absinthe

Chocolate with absinthe, strong alcoholic drink absinthe, containing alcohol from 70% to 86% and it is a real chocolate with absinthe produces Swiss company Villars, горький шоколад Villars Larmes d’Absinthe.

Particularly acute taste of chocolate with absinthe appears at the moment, when …

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Chocolate flavored truffles

Mast Brothers chocolate flavored black truffle.
Black Truffle – edible mushroom, it is a very highly valued delicacy, который называют «чёрным бриллиантом на столе».
Black truffle is used in cooked, as well as small quantities of raw as spicy and fragrant …

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Шоколад с кокосом и карри

American company Theo Chocolate produces chocolate with a rather unusual flavor is chocolate with coconut and curry.
Chocolate with coconut and curry has an unusual spicy flavor, taste of milk chocolate with toasted coconut and spicy curry.

Becky Deauville leading chocolatiers company …

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Chocolate with flower petals

Chocolate with flower petals, chocolate that excites desire and fantasy, because of chocolate with nuts and raisins, and we have long been accustomed to buy this chocolate can be in any store, а вот шоколад с лепестками розы, Jasmine, lavender or violet – it …

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Salty Chocolate

It turns out chocolate can not only be sweet and salty, and salty chocolate pastry called many completely natural, по их мнению соль в шоколаде подчеркивает и даже усиливает сладкий вкус шоколадки.

Salted chocolate is produced in different countries, например американская …

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Chocolate with bacon or bacon in chocolate

Chocolate and bacon was established in America as an exotic dish, gaining popularity in the U.S. chocolate and bacon went to conquer Europe.

So chocolate and bacon was a hit in London, after 48 часов с момента выхода в продажу в четырех …

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Allergies to chocolate, symptoms of allergies and allergy-causing ingredient of chocolate

Allergies to chocolate – one type of food allergy, is the impact of allergen on the immune system of the human body. If you are allergic to chocolate allergens are some of the ingredients that go into of chocolate.

Давайте разберёмся какие ингредиенты шоколада могут вызывать аллергию на

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Fake chocolate, poor quality and counterfeit chocolates

Nutritionists say, that chocolate gives us the joy of hormones, helps to lose weight and strengthens the immune system.
But nowadays more and more difficult to find a real chocolate, more often there are fake chocolate, poor quality and adulterated, ведь многие шоколадки не обладают главным компонентом – какао маслом, …

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Marshmallows in chocolate without chocolate

After a hard day's work, so want to go home, Pour hot tea, pouyutnee arranged in an easy chair and enjoy dessert, and choose the marshmallows for dessert, but not simple, and chocolate. But as it turned out, Manufacturers often dissemble, pointing, that …

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Chocolate-flavored hay

The prestigious London-based chocolate company Sir Hans Sloane created a special kind of chocolate-flavored hay – «Hay Chocolate» – "Chocolate haystack", Chocolate has been specially designed for five-star hotel Windsor Coworth Park.

A new kind of chocolate has aromas of jasmine, rose and …

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The composition of chocolate

Chocolate – a mixture of various substances, both organic and inorganic. Chocolate contains 50-55 % carbohydrates (saccharides), 32-35 % fat and 5-6 % protein, tannins 4-5 %, water 1 %, stimulants – theobromine and caffeine 1-1,5 %, микроэлементы …

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