Chocolate and the Nobel Prize

In an American study of Franz Messerli, труды которого опубликованы в авторитетном журнале New England Journal of Medicine говорится, that the number of Nobel laureates in a country depends on the average number of chocolate, consumption per capita.

Franz Messerli …


Chocolate improves blood circulation

Chocolate improves blood circulation, to this view came the representatives of the European Agency for Food Safety, в ходе изучения влияния шоколада на организм человека. Исследователи обнаружили, that chocolate resists damage blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the body.

After analyzing the data set of experiments …


Chocolate for weight loss

Chocolate for weight loss is made all over the world. По утверждению производителей шоколада для похудения, technology for preparation of this unusual chocolate studied and improved for years.

The process of getting chocolate slimming complex, но оно того стоит, ведь продукт имеет вкус и цвет …


Chocolate and intelligence

Dark bitter chocolate has beneficial effects on human intelligence.
Scientists conducted a study and found, that eating dark chocolate improves mental ability in middle-aged people.
Moreover, dark chocolate can be "cured" some cognitive impairment. This effect is achieved by …


Healthy Chocolate

Scientists from the University of Warwick have invented a recipe for a harmless chocolate figures.
The secret is, to replace the bulk of milk fat and cocoa butter small droplets of juice.
As a result, the chocolate will have a fruity flavor, but, replacing the juice with water and add …


Chocolate and zodiac signs

Chocolate and zodiac signs.
Effect of chocolate on the signs of the zodiac.

Aries - Eats all the chocolates in one sitting.

Taurus - Loves chocolate and can share with you the only candy with fruit filling.

Gemini - Can break every piece of candy, …


Dolce vita

Chief taster chocolate production UK, 47-Summer Angus Kennedy, had left his job at the request of a sweet doctors.
Doctors were relentless and strictly forbade Angus Kennedy test confectionery, after two years of work, he has recovered on 15 kg, eating almost 1 …


Tax on chocolate

Possibly, Israel to impose an additional tax on chocolate, likely size of the tax on chocolate will be from 10% to 30% the cost of the product.

Israeli Ministry of Health is considering the possibility to impose a tax on foods with excess sugar and fat — in particular the sweet soft …


Allergies to chocolate, symptoms of allergies and allergy-causing ingredient of chocolate

Allergies to chocolate — one type of food allergy, is the impact of allergen on the immune system of the human body. If you are allergic to chocolate allergens are some of the ingredients that go into of chocolate.

Давайте разберёмся какие ингредиенты шоколада могут вызывать аллергию на


Chocolate slows the aging process

British scientists, in the course of research conducted, found that the daily dosage eating dark chocolate slows down the aging process in general.

So when using only a few slices of dark chocolate a day slows down all processes in the body ages. Dark chocolate prevents …


Chocolate Bikini

Cindy Fabre, winner of the title "Miss France" 2005 year and the participants of the contest "Miss Universe 2005" and "Miss World 2005", participated in the annual chocolate show (Salon du Chocolat), presenting to the public chocolate bikini was created in gladiatorial style.

Chocolate Bikini, Cindy is presented …


Dark Chocolate — remedy for heart attacks

U.S. scientists have conducted studies, during which it became clear, that for the full functioning of the cardiovascular system of man is very useful dark chocolate.

Employees of the University of London as shown, that regular consumption of dark chocolate prevents blood clots in blood vessels, улучшая количество и качество …