Jam plum in chocolate. Recipe

Сливовое вареньеTraditional jam from plums like adults and children, but there are more interesting recipe of this delicacy. We offer you to cook the jam, "Plum in chocolate". It will be a great treat for tea, or cottage cheese pancakes. For the preparation of this jam suitable only ripe, better a little overripe fruit. This can be a major drain or smaller prunes, but before cooking jam try them. If the fruit is very sweet, the amount of sugar can be reduced, and vice versa, increase, if you got a sour grade.

– Plum or prune - 1 kg.
– White Sugar - 700 g.
Chocolate dark - 100 g.


Слива с шоколадом
1. basin perebiraem, eliminate substandard fruit, remaining a good wash.
2. Cut each plum into several parts, mashed plums. There are two ways: or scroll the fruit through a meat grinder, or mash blender at medium power. Regardless of the chosen method should get the homogeneous mixture, consistency similar to mashed potatoes.
3. Take a small saucepan, spread to a mixture of fruits, We give it to boil on low heat, but do not boil.
4. By adding sugar plums, stir and remove from heat until, until it is completely dissolved.
5. remove the foam, if necessary several times, We do less flames, cook fruit puree from 13 to 17 minutes.
6. Chocolate bar broken into small pieces, add them to the mixture of plum, mix, give a chocolate to melt.
7. The pre-sterilized, clean jars decompose resulting jam, roll up or closing the cover.
8. Give the jam to cool, We put in the dark, it is desirable to cool place, but not in refrigerator. Keep this delicacy can be no more than a year.