Рецепт шоколадной колбасы из печенья с фото

колбаса в фальгеДля приготовления классического варианта шоколадной колбасы из печенья вам потребуется:

  • 400 gr. мягкого печенья (обязательно сладкого и без всяких добавок)
  • 1 среднее яйцо (60 гр.)
  • 200 gr. размягченного сливочного масла или маргарина
  • 50 gr. cocoa powder
  • 250 gr. sugar or powdered sugar
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts

Cooking time

Preparation of this delicacy does not take much time and no need to include an oven for baking. Prepare it for 30 minutes: 20 of them spent on the preparation of the ingredients, and 10 – mixing them with one another. Additionally required 8 hours in a refrigerator for cooling. If you need to hurry, то 4 hours in the freezer give the desired product consistency.

Cooking method


Итак, the first thing to do - break the hands biscuits into small pieces. You can buy in the store or scroll chips cookies on a meat grinder. For similarity with sausage “Salami” should fall in the flakes and coarse particles biscuits. A bowl with grit is removed, to the side and takes to cook a chocolate glaze. For this second bowl cut into pieces of the softened butter, add sugar or powdered sugar and cocoa powder.


All knead it thoroughly and put on a little fire. Once the mass begins to boil, remove from the heat and giving cool. Meanwhile, whisk egg whisk and pour in cold glaze. After that, pour the finished glaze in a bowl with cookies, add nuts and mix thoroughly. Sausage is ready, left to give the product aesthetics. At three evenly cut pieces of food film (foil or parchment) We pour a mixture of equal parts of our, forming sausages, We wrap and put in the refrigerator.


on expiry 8 hours take out of the fridge, exempt from the wrapper and cut into slices like a sausage. Приятного аппетита!