Dark chocolate mousse

Mousse of dark chocolate is very tasty and preparation will not take long, and the delight of dark chocolate mousse is a lot of fun.

To prepare the mousse of dark chocolate you will need these ingredients:
200 grams of dark chocolate
5 egg yolks
0,5 tablespoon vanilla sugar
1 tablespoon of coffee
120 ml cream
1 tablespoon of hard liquor, brandy or rum.

Preparation of dark chocolate mousse:
Melt dark chocolate in a water bath.
Beat yolks, gradually adding them in a water bath melted dark chocolate.
Whip cream with vanilla sugar.
In the chocolate add alcohol and stir well.
Put the resulting mousse in a cold place.

Dark chocolate mousse, as well as White chocolate mousse, can bring to the table with slices of chocolate or fruit and berries.

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