Удивительный и интересный Музей шоколада в Барселоне

музей вывескаBarcelona is one of the most attractive tourist cities in the world. There is a huge amount of interesting places, so that anyone, visit Barcelona, certainly find, what to do with their time. Among the many museums of the city stands out the famous Chocolate Museum, which is definitely worth a visit for every tourist.

History museum

This museum was opened not so long ago - just 2000 year. Guild of Confectioners, founded the museum, I used for this purpose in a former convent, located in the eastern part of Barcelona. The building is very large, so that the museum has impressive numbers Square - 600 square feet. Since its inception, the institution enjoys great popularity as a tourist destination, and the residents of the city.

What is interesting for the museum?

кондитеры в барселоне

Во-первых, if you visit the tour, you can learn many interesting facts from the history of Chocolate. You will learn, how the product was used in their home country (in America), as the famous Spaniard Cortes and his men were the first Europeans, Treat yourself to a wonderful Indian drink. Residents of Central and South America this drink is prepared from cocoa beans and pepper, eating it cold, so the taste of the product is markedly different from the modern chocolate drinks. Chocolate made an impression on the conquistadors, and they brought it to Europe, where he later came up with confectioners sugar added to it, honey, Vanilla and other ingredients. In this museum you can learn about, How to change the recipe, and chocolate flavor over time. It began by the Spanish, who discovered this wonderful product for the rest of Europe. Therefore, it is important, that the Chocolate Museum is located in Barcelona.

Фигуры из шоколада

Во-вторых, other than historical excursions, The museum has many works of art, made from chocolate. Moreover, there is even a small copy of the famous buildings and architectural ensembles, cartoon characters, and much more. You can see the most amazing chocolate figurines, as well as to visit this shop, where you will learn about the benefits of this product, methods of its processing and production. You'll even be able to do to try himself as a sculptor, BLIND figure of chocolate.


В-третьих, this institution has a cafe, where you can enjoy a lot of variety chocolate desserts and beverages. It is unlikely that you are anywhere else will find a wide range of delicious products from chocolate.

Chocolate Museum is truly unique in its kind, and is very interesting to visit.