Chocolate Museum in St. Petersburg - a collection of haute couture sweet exhibits

Статуя на входе в музей 2Chocolate Museum in St. Petersburg - is an unusual collection of, created by masters of sweet creativity. In his visit to every person not only can visually appreciate the amazing exposure, but also buy them in memory, or just eat.

Opening sweet gallery in St. Petersburg was held in 2003 g. Over the decade, its walls have visited thousands of residents and visitors alike. The main facility was opened in Stroganov Palace, Soon it appeared at several branches.

In order not to get lost in the sweet boutiques, which in the city four, should know, the museum is located on Nevsky Prospekt, 62. To facilitate the finding of unusual attractions organizers put the pointer near the building - a statue of a strange animal chocolate, holding snow shovel. She posted a sign advertising.

Products made of white, bitter and milk chocolates are placed in two rooms on the massive shelves cabinets. There are sweet statues of famous personalities, forest animals, miniature chess pieces and dolls, as well as samples of St. Petersburg attractions.

Classic chocolate collection

Шоколад в музее

All the materials for the exhibits fragrant cocoa and marzipan imported only from France. Of these, the wizard manually molded products, which later amaze visitors. Sami chocolatiers and museum workers call their "child" only as exhibits haute couture. Among them are large chocolate figurines, amazing martsipanы, tRUFFLE, filled with exotic liquors. And for fans of healthy food prepared separate master surprise. He is chocolate, which is present in the formulation of palm oil and soybean milk.

Chocolate Gifts for all people

фигуры в музее

Each visitor can walk away with a holiday atmosphere, if you buy a gift-collection. Men will enjoy sweet copy machines, aircraft, sports cups and other similar figures. Women will say "thank you" for chocolate hearts, vases with flowers and dolls. Children surprised mini-models of animals, heroes of popular cartoons and computer, which you can eat.

If the visitor of the museum imagination is boundless, he can share his ideas with the masters. In special circumstances and with all the heart they will perform the individual order by itself is not the ordinary sketch.

Collections for special occasions

Wedding - a great event in the life of young people. Make the celebration even more beautiful to help chocolate decorations for wedding cakes. Copies of the newlyweds and bouquets, angel with krylyškami, hearts and wedding car - this is not a complete list of holiday paraphernalia.

If a person has a solid age planned anniversary, it may surprise chocolate emblem, the layout of his company and even a bust of birthday. For business partners, as a gift to suit figurines, transmission company symbols. Unusual prezenty sure to attract the attention of partners and leave a good impression on their sender.


Chocolate Museum in St. Petersburg, takes visitors on a daily basis. Hours - 11.00 – 21.00. Such an unusual schedule was devised to, that institution could visit at any time. Ticket price - 300 – 700 rubles.