Chocolate Museum in Prague - a small world of fragrant sweets

Прага-музей шоколадаChocolate Museum in Prague (Choco-Story) - Is a small restaurant with sweet exhibits, which stands in the center of the city not far from the Old Town Square. Among its collections, visitors can learn the history of chocolate, instruments, facilitating its production, forms for casting tiles and antique kitchenware, which previously was made sweet product. Moreover, Sweet museum in Prague kept unusual collection of packages and wrappers from cocoa products, released in different years.

World Choco-Story


Within the walls of the museum visitors are immersed in the sweet world, a history spanning more 2500 years. The indoor air soar pleasant aromas, coming from the chocolate pieces. When you buy a ticket, visitors can start a personal acquaintance with the sweet product - it is on trays at the cash register are tiny chocolates.

The museum itself is small, he is able to simultaneously receive no more 5 man. If you do not get distracted by tasting, explore the tasty value can be half an hour.

Exhibit Czech chocolate museum

Музей в Праге

Choco-Story is divided into three compartments. The first contains information on the history of cocoa and how it enters the European countries. In the second room visitors are immersed in the mysteries of the birth of sweet production. The third shows the beauty of the design department of chocolate, that is transmitted through the unusual wrap, collected candy and plitochek different producing countries.

In the process of moving through the halls before the visitors opened the mystery of manufacturing Chocolate, produced by Belgian technology. Masters share the secrets of producing a silky chocolate, which is easy to make at home.

Also in the Choco-Story assembled utensil collection, where craftsmen prepare sweet product. From tools visitors can hold in your hand cutters to collect cocoa beans, sugar mallet hammer, means for processing the beans, molds for casting products and containers for its transportation.

Музей шоколада в Праге

Примечательно, that all the exhibits are signed in different languages, which facilitates the understanding of what he saw. More guides tell visitors about, how useful and harmful to the human body chocolate.

Visit the gallery of sweet, you can finish going to the store Viva Praha. His salesmen sell Belgian chocolate, who met the visitors of the museum within its walls. Find a shop can be on the street, connects the Old Town Square with the Powder Tower. It sells sweets, transparent caramel, шоколадки, fudge and nougat.

Chocolate Museum in Prague is available for inspection every day with 10 to 19 hours. Tickets for adults are sold for 7 euro, for children 3 – 6 years - just 2 €.