Chocolate Museum in Kirov - the ability to explore the world with sweet

МузейChocolate Museum in Kirov for the first time before the visitors opened its doors in September 2014 g. It was established under the name "Museum of the History of chocolate Criollo". Such establishments in town, and it appeared the efforts Ksenia Larina. Now, locals and visitors, guests can plunge into the world of fragrant sweet delicacies and learn the production of master classes. Classes are held on 20 or 40 minutes, during which participants create in figurine size 7 or 15 см (depending on the lesson time).

Why the museum called "Criollo"?


There is nothing surprising in the museum's name is not, because the word "criollo" designated grade cocoa beans. In Spanish, the word means "a native". Of all the varieties of cocoa are the two product versions - Criollo and Forastero. The so-called native masters called noble, since this sort are inherent softness and red. К тому же, criollo does not require drying and carrying out, extending the storage.

Excursion to the world of chocolate

Шоколадные фигуры

In the museum, visitors can listen to wonderful stories, that reveal the habits of the Aztec and Mayan. The word "chocolate" in the Aztec dialect sounds like "chokoatl". During their reign of dark sweetness was considered a rare commodity, the price is several times higher than the price of gold. The large number of cocoa beans allowed the Aztecs to buy slaves and all necessary things. The Europeans got acquainted with chocolate through Columbus and Cortez. Feeling a pleasant aftertaste of sweetness, Spaniards began to open factory for cocoa processing.

Шоколадные фигуры

During familiarization with the museum useful to stop at the stand, information which covers the development of Nestle chocolate brand. From it visitors will learn the history of the appearance of Mars bars and chocolate on the way to Russia. The history of the Soviet chocolate conveys limited edition, which once produced to important dates and public holidays.

Since the museum is located in Kirov, in his room are works by Stanislav Osipovich - Vyatkian craftsman on molding chocolate shapes. He is the creator of the first urban confectionery factory. In the "Chocolate Room" flaunt huge sweet sculptures weighing 50 to 80 kg.

The operating mode and the location of the museum

To inspect the Chocolate Museum in Kirov is available from Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 20.00. Tours begin at 10.00, in the first half, in 15.00 and at half past five. Unusual building with sweet exhibits listed for the number 15 str. Saviour. The ticket price is set by age by 300 to 400 rubles.