Chocolate Museum in Cologne, Germany

Chocolate Museum in Cologne, Germany was opened in 1993 , the local candy company, "Imhoff-Shtollverk", which is known for its production of 1839 year.

Chocolate Museum is located on a peninsula Reynauhafen in a building in the shape of a ship, area of ​​a chocolate museum 2000 square feet.

Chocolate Museum in Cologne, is not located in the candy factory, like many other, but only collects and stores the chocolate exhibit, reflecting the history of chocolate and manufacturing technology since the days of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations to modern production.

The museum is divided into several sections:

* Greenhouse for tropical plants.
* Chocolate Factory.
* Pastry shop.
* The museum exhibits (exposure).
* Shop at the exit of the museum.

Toeplitz Museum:

Toeplitz museum is a glass cube over the area 100 square meters and a height 10 meters, in which various plants grow, which are used for the preparation of chocolate treats.

Chocolate Factory:

The museum is equipped with modern miniature chocolate factory and museum visitors can see, how is chocolate in our days. The process of making chocolate is fully automated and controlled by computers, and only two people, that monitor production and pack up finished products.

Pastry shop:

The museum is located pastry shop, it makes a variety of truffles and chocolate figures. The shop confectionery, also manages the process of making a modern automated machinery. Freshly prepared pastries immediately sent to a small shop at the museum, where anyone can buy them, in addition, each visitor gets a small museum, but very tasty gift to the museum.

The museum exhibition:

The museum has demonstrated the entire history of the chocolate business, which has more than thirty centuries. Most of the museum devoted to the culture of indigenous peoples in Latin America – Aztec, since they first learned how to process the cocoa beans. The museum has the oldest recipes for chocolate and other products, based on it. Here you can find all the elements, somehow related to the chocolate industry: Special knives, designed to cut the cocoa beans, baskets for their transportation, as well as the mechanisms first, once used for processing of fruits. The museum stands, also abound in a very interesting photographs.

The main part of the exhibition - it is, naturally, chocolate, hundreds of species of which there. exhibits of the museum dedicated to chocolate industry, its history and present. In the hall of the products of firms, holding today, dominant positions in the market chocolate products, these are well-known brand, как Kinder Surprise, March, Snickers, Ritter Sport, Milka and others.

One of the most impressive exhibits is a huge chocolate fountain height 3 meters, which circulates around 200 kg of liquid chocolate. The museum is allowed to eat chocolate right out of the fountain, this will be useful especially been laid for this wafer, which can be lowered into a sweet chocolate.


The museum is located candy store, which sells all kinds of chocolate products, produced in the museum, and everyone can buy sweets, Gifts and souvenirs. Variety range of confectionery products, the proposed store, is huge, then hundreds of products on offer: chocolates with various fillings, different sets of chocolate, tiles of various kinds, syrups and liqueurs, welded on the basis of the chocolate and much more.

Chocolate Museum in Cologne, one of the ten most popular museums in Germany and takes 5000 excursions and 650,000 посетителей в год. С момента своего открытия в 1993 year, Chocolate Museum was visited by more than 8,5 million visitors from around the world.

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