Chocolate Museum in Chelyabinsk

Музей шоколада в ЧелябинскеAre you waiting for a miracle in the New Year's holidays? believe, that Santa Claus will give you gifts? Here Chelyabinsk believed and waited. And in the role of a magician made the Crimean chocolatiers Nikolai Popov. Brought them Simferopol collection "Chocolate Museum Nikolya», He exhibited in Chelyabinsk Museum of Fine Arts.

Skill chocolatier Popov learned over fifteen years' shtkoladnyh "academies in Poland and in France. chocolatier – is the man, creating chocolate, constituting the recipes of new varieties of sweet treats. When the taste of novelty than he should check himself and only, then invite other. for 15 – year-old improving its expertise and virtuosity, he reached the top of Pastry Arts. This helped him to realize his dream of creating your own is an entire museum, completely dedicated to chocolate masterpieces.

Музей шоколада в Челябинске

Before coming Yuzhnouralsk capital chocolate maker toured with their child in the CIS. But last season, the master decided to devote exclusively to Russia and began his tour of Russian cities. And so, in December of the past year collection exhibits reached Chelyabinsk. 15 December opening, which allowed only nominal invitation. And with 16 of exhibition start work for all.

Музей шоколада в Челябинске

Chelyabinsk, Visit her could see about two hundred unusual collectibles. Particularly impressed minimized the Eiffel Tower - Paris building a prototype of 512 parts and two meters. The attention of visitors attracted by the figure of chess, Venetian masks, chocolate imitations Faberge creations, Crown of the Russian Empire and other masterpieces. Exhibits, master over them worked more than one month, made with maximum precision. At the same time they are beautiful, and fully edible. Although, конечно, this one will not do. Instead Chelyabinsk acquired virtuoso souvenirs author, made of the beloved sweet material. Besides him in making his collection used marzipan master, dragees and food colorings. According chocolatiers, it is - a big fan of the sweet material to make items, the originals of which are absolutely not similar to chocolate.

The work lasted from the exhibition 16.12.2015 year on 14.02.2016.