Chocolate Museum Nikolya – Permian

Музей шоколада Nikolya - Пермь 3About half a ton of chocolate left on the, to create more than two hundred pieces for the exhibition "Chocolate Museum Nikolya», which opened in Perm. The exhibition has already visited in 60 cities (in several countries and) - And all enjoyed tremendous success.

The author of all the exhibits is the famous chocolatier Nikolai Popov. He skillfully combines white and dark chocolates, as well as food gilding, creating an impressive work, which is simply impossible to watch without surprise. For example, incredibly difficult from a technical point of view of the Eiffel Tower is a two-meter tall and weighs 45 kilogram. contrast, the easiest exhibit, tiara, weighs 40 gram, because can not stand traffic. She is always on the spot. A total of two hundred exhibits, consisting exhibition, It took about three months of hard work.

Музей шоколада Nikolya - Пермь 2

At all, transportation of chocolate is almost more difficult thing, than their direct manufacturing. maintaining the precise temperature required - otherwise exhibited objects are damaged and need to be re-manufactured,ru.

Nikolai Popov chocolate engaged for over a decade. In 2007 It was held the first exhibition of his work - and with each new it only improves their skills, creating more and more amazing items. Here's how they are created - created first form of food-grade silicone or, sometimes, gelatin, they cast components edible sculptures, which are then glued together between a special food glue,ru.

Музей шоколада Nikolya - Пермь

The exhibition is not limited to edible products - visitors can also learn a lot about the history of Chocolate, About, how it has developed and improved over the years, they can be found both interesting facts, and with various myths, that surround it.

Perm residents can see and exclusives, for example, Pictures made of chocolate, which is dedicated to their hometown.

The exhibition takes place in the "Central Exhibition Hall". Children under 5 free entrance, to 17 years, the ticket costs 150 rubles, price for those, who are older - 250 rubles.