Hot chocolate. Recipe home

Горячий шоколад с коррицейГорячий шоколад – это напиток, который любят и взрослые, и дети. Им можно поднять настроение, его в качестве угощенья можно презентовать друзьям. Он достаточно прост в приготовлении, поэтому пользуется большой популярностью не только в кафетериях, но и на домашних кухнях. Итак, it is a treat to make at home?

Correctly select ingredients

Delicious hot chocolate will only chocolate high cocoa. This should not be less than 70%, and it is better to give preference to options 80-95% cocoa beans. In addition to the chocolate beverage need milk and sugar.

If you wish to receive more light and delicate taste and aroma of hot chocolate, try to dilute the milk with plain water. For lovers of rich creamy taste to milk, you can add a little cream. Leave it makes sense from dairy products with high fat content, opting for low-fat options: drink with them will be uniform, without too much bitterness, with a slight characteristic aroma of chocolate.

The classic recipe and original interpretations

According to the traditional technology hot chocolate is prepared as follows::

  • milk is brought to a boil;
  • chocolate breaks into pieces and added to the milk (fire at this stage must be minimized);
  • when chocolate melted and mixture is smooth, enter the sugar and wait, until it dissolved;
  • ready to drink can be poured into cups.

Горячий шоколад разливают

To drink was more thick, you can add the yolk, slightly dilute corn flour or starch, sour cream.

For a more original and interesting flavors may also be added to the recipe:

  • honey, cinnamon (milled);
  • ваниль;
  • pieces of marshmallow (in the finished beverage, Remove from heat);
  • orange zest (her prepare this delicacy in Italy);
  • chilli.

Often used to new flavors of hot chocolate and alcohol. Well suited for this purpose brandy or amaretto, rum, fruit liqueur. For children in the drink, you can add berries: take frozen fruit, lightly blanch in butter with sugar, and then added to the milk-chocolate mixture. With such a filling of chocolate perfectly combines both hot, and refrigerated.

Decorate traditional hot chocolate cocoa crumbs or the same chocolate. As a decorative element often act cinnamon sticks, which is convenient to interfere with drink, in addition, they give him a subtle flavor.