Hot chocolate. Recipe of cocoa powder

КакаоMy favorite childhood drink - hot chocolate can be easily prepared at home, even if the house is not any chocolate bar. Instead basis may become hot chocolate and cocoa powder. The recipe of this sweet drink is so simple, that even an amateur cooking cope with it. You will need all 20 minutes, to cook several portions of fragrant warming beverage, that will appeal to your guests.

The most important thing - to choose high-quality cocoa, better to take a powder trusted manufacturer, that you tried earlier.

какао парошок

Good cocoa must meet the following qualities: color light brown, fragrant smell. Packaging must not be deformed or torn. Look closely at the structure of the powder, it should be uniform, finely ground, without lumps. This cocoa powder fat mass fraction does not exceed 15%. It is because of this get very tasty cocoa hot chocolate.


Cocoa powder - 2 Article. all.

Cream fat - 300 ml.

Granulated sugar - 1 no. all.

Drinking water - 1 Article. all.

Corn starch - 1 no. all.


варим какао

  1. Take a small enameled container, This may be a ladle, saucepan or even coffee Turk. Mix all dry ingredients in a selected dish: cocoa, granulated sugar, and corn starch.
  2. The resulting powder pour a small amount of drinking cold water, It will be enough just one tablespoon. Thoroughly stir mixture, to avoid lumps.
  3. In another container, heat the cream, but do not let it boil.
  4. The weight of cocoa, sugar, corn and pour the warm cream.
  5. Put the resulting chocolate-milk mixture on fire, We do slowest flame. Preheat drink, but remove from heat before, as it begins to boil.
  6. Homemade hot chocolate from cocoa ready, it remains only to apply it properly guests. To begin with let it brew and thicken for five minutes
  7. If you follow the rules of serving, hot chocolate is served in small, coffee cups, which are commonly used for espresso. Since a thick drink, offer guests teaspoons.
  8. If the classic hot chocolate you do not like, you can vary the taste by using whipped cream, ice cream slice, cinnamon or cognac.