Chocolate Bikini

Cindy Fabre, winner of the title "Miss France" 2005 year and the participants of the contest "Miss Universe 2005" and "Miss World 2005", participated in the annual chocolate show (Salon du Chocolat), presenting to the public chocolate bikini was created in gladiatorial style.

Chocolate Bikini, which introduced Cindy Fabre, was created by Benjamin breaststroke and designers, confectioners company Puyricard.

Benjamin Brass and designers-Confectionary Company Puyricard spent in the least time to create a chocolate bikini in gladiatorial style, так для создания бикини было использовано около 300 кусочков Chocolate, including chocolate truffles, сердечки и карамель с шоколадным наполнителем. Fashionable attire was presented with the accessories – massive bracelet, feathers, hair and shoes with spikes.

As the chocolate melts on contact with human body, to a glamorous outfit “not flowed” Cindy Fabre had to sit in a room, where artificially created a cool climate.

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