Chocolate and zodiac signs

Chocolate and zodiac signs.
Effect of chocolate on the signs of the zodiac.

Aries - Eats all the chocolates in one sitting.

Taurus - Loves chocolate and can share with you the only candy with fruit filling.

Gemini - Can break every piece of candy, look at the stuffing and select the desired.

Cancer - Stretch the supply of candy for a long time, at least a month.

Lev - Take all the candy yourself and share only after enough to enjoy himself. But those, he does not like, will give you.

Virgo - Choose two boxes of chocolate - white and black. One - a, the other - you.

Libra - Are very fond of chocolate and eat in one sitting. Currently selected, that the larger.

Scorpio - Slowly savors chocolate or sweets. Sometimes chocolate is melting faster than his fingers, than in the mouth.

Sagittarius - Loves and chooses the expensive imported chocolate or sweets.

Capricorn - Prefers truffles.

Aquarius - Choose bars with raisins and nuts.

Pisces - Handing out candy to all the friends and acquaintances. There may even forget to leave a piece in the sample.

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