Chocolate from camel milk for diabetics

Chocolate from camel milk, this unusual chocolate is available in the United Arab Emirates, Al Nassma Chocolate Company.

Representatives of the chocolate company Al Nassma claim, that chocolate from camel milk is much more useful traditional chocolate, and due to reduced fat content is suitable even for diabetics.

The additives in chocolate from camel milk company Al Nassma serve traditional oriental sweets: honey, nuts and spices.
Chocolate from camel milk appeared in the spring 2012 , and it can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer or in hotels and airports in United Arab Emirates, Al Nassma but the company's management and considering the release of its unusual products on the European market,ru.

In the United Arab Emirates, camel milk is very popular and in demand product, as producer of dairy products company Al Ain Dairy which produced ice cream from camel milk, offers six flavors of camel milk, but the greatest interest of the buyers are from camel milk chocolate, suitable even for diabetics.

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