Chocolate with absinthe

Chocolate with absinthe, strong alcoholic drink absinthe, containing alcohol from 70% to 86% and it is a real chocolate with absinthe produces Swiss company Villars, горький шоколад Villars Larmes d’Absinthe.

Particularly acute taste of chocolate with absinthe appears at the moment, when chocolate begins to melt in the mouth and releases all bitterness of wormwood tincture,,ru,Drunk with chocolate with absinthe you are unlikely to get,,ru.
Опьянеть от шоколада с абсентом у вас вряд ли получится, because the content of absinthe in chocolate is very small and is only,,ru,Swiss chocolate company Villars produces several more names of chocolate with alcohol,,ru 8,5%.

Кстати, швейцарская шоколадная компания Villars выпускает еще несколько наименований шоколада с алкоголем, for example chocolate with quince,,ru,pear and plum vodka and chocolate with cognac,,ru, грушевой и сливовой водкой и шоколад c коньяком.

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