Kama Sutra chocolate

Kama Sutra in chocolate - a sweet treat, which was called Wicked Chocs (A wicked chocolate), which first started to do in Singapore. Chocolate bars Chocolate immoral differ not only in, that they depict positions of the Kama Sutra, and special unique taste.

Камасутра в шоколаде – шоколад с нежным фруктовым ароматом и уникальным вкусом благодаря добавлению васаби, Sesame, green tea and torreyi orehonosnoy.

Kama Sutra Chocolate becomes more and more popular around the world, after its appearance in Singapore 2005 year, Kama Sutra chocolate manufacturers began to produce chocolate from countries such as: Италия, France, Belgium, Mexico, Япония, Австралия и США.

Kama Sutra chocolate, чаще всего делают из черного шоколада, but sometimes with milk chocolate, stuffed with coconut, со вкусом трюфеля в ликере, which is a little tongue nibbling, What an incredibly exciting.

Even the men's magazine Playboy has written about chocolate Kama Sutra poses and on chocolate, recommending from time to time to please lovers sexy and exciting treat.

The cost of the Kama Sutra chocolate bar - about 50 dollars.

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