Yaroslavl Chocolate Factory Manchester Enterprise

шоколадIn the Yaroslavl region began producing chocolate three centuries ago. И долгое время после этого область оставалась в лидерах российского производства этого лакомства. But tough economic times put on the industry of confectionary art Cross region. And it is at the beginning of the new millennium, it has ceased to exist.

But with this, some do not agree, and it came out 2011 the company "Manchester Enterprise". The company's activities include the production of tea and coffee and confectionery products. The course of the new-found company has taken to revive the rich traditions of the Yaroslavl confectioners.

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Factory equipped with the latest equipment at the moment. This ensures the highest level of product quality at every stage of production. It is conducted in compliance with all international standards in the production of chocolate. This was facilitated by training future staff in their respective universities and academies in Europe.

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Now the factory employs about two hundred staff. The discharge of candy assortment includes more than 30 types of chocolate. Plus more 46 coffees, 13 teas and 2 cocoa. Just a month from the factory all the countries of the region take more 1 million units of various products. Brand name factory is a chocolate brand "LE". For its production using a recipe, "Mr.. Belfor ", which is unique, it is more than a century and since then it has not changed.

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The entire production process is adjusted well. From all employees need to strictly adhere to recipes. And many of them are still preserved with 19 century. Also, a special section deals with the development and introduction into production of its own developments in the manufacture of products. For package, which are all certified used news. Do not shy away from the factory used and new materials for the preparation of its products.

Samu factory for the production of chocolate can be found in the village Varegovo, which Bolsheselsky area.