Chocolate factory "Russia" - a sweet bit of concern Nestle

Фабрика зданиеШоколадная фабрика «Россия» – это предприятие, которое числится за концерном Nestle. Находится оно в Самаре. Ассортимент сладкой продукции, выпущенный фабрикой, исчисляется десятками наименований.

История основания фабрики «Россия»

Предприятие строилось в соответствии с программой компании «Карле и Монтанари» (Италия). Commissioning took place in 1970 city, and the factory has become a pioneer of the USSR in chocolate production industry with a complete turnover. Initially, the production capacity was assigned an annual reception 25 000 tons of sweets.

1992 g. It was marked for "Russia" in the reorganization of the "Confectionery Association" Russia "chocolate factory. FROM 1995 g. швейцарский производитель «Нестле» выкупил полный пакет акций и присоединил «Россию» как производственный филиал к ООО «Нестле Россия». Group neodnokratno subsequently worked investments in Samara subdivision, the amount of which has long exceeded 200 million. dollars.

Фабрика 2

A foreign owner is sympathetic to the foundations, accustomed to Samara confectioners. Knit group they performed hard work in setting up production, survived the hard times of the 1st half of the 90s of the past century. In addition to the economic changes in the country's difficulties of those years, he added an unexpected decline in cocoa procurement.

But Samara Chocolate Factory Nestle thanks to skillful actions of founders in 2001 g. It manifested itself as a brand called "Russia - generous soul". In the same year it opened a line of premium products, "Golden Brand". Today, the factory itself, and Chocolate Museum in Samara encouraging people unusual quality products from pure chocolate.

Awards "Russia" chocolate factory


For shock work 1970 – 1980 гг. factory received numerous commemorative banner from the government and the regional administration. In summer 1975 g. Company employees took from the hands of a representative of the Presidium of the "Badge of Honor" of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Примечательно, that in the early 80's range of factory consisted of 115 products. Of them 109 We have been awarded the Quality Mark, and 10 steel brand samples.

In 2000 g. "Russia" was awarded the title of "Brand of the Year" and presented the award for the professional part of the effective sale of goods and advertising. Также правительством страны было отмечено и поощрено внесение кондитерским предприятием долгосрочного вклада в перспективу развития популярной торговой марки.

Original recipes factory became the basis for the issuance of the order of two hundred names of tiles, packaging which resembles, "Russia - generous soul". And this sincerity is felt by people of every cup of tea,ru.