Confectionary “VK”

Confectionary “VK” (VC), Chocolate Factory, founded in 2001 g. - Russian manufacturer of high quality chocolate "premium".
The quality of the chocolate confectionery “VK” says the constant interest of buyers and received many awards at various national and international competitions, and from 2004 g. maintained regular supply of chocolate in Taiwan and Japan.

In the Russian market are many types and varieties of chocolate confectionery “VK”, This however is not surprising, because chocolate is a unique and created by their own recipes and is made from rare varieties of cocoa beans and cocoa butter, revealing a whole bunch, and stressing the subtlety and aroma of chocolate.

Confectionary “VK” offers a wide selection of chocolate on the most demanding and refined taste – of the bitter-rich cocoa – products (99%) to classic (55%); milk chocolate; chocolate with various additives – crushed coffee, Hazelnuts, cinnamon and other.

In 2005 the factory was the first Russian chocolate manufacturers put on the market a new product – dark chocolate – containing cocoa 99, 85, 75, 65 and 55%.

Confectionary “VK” produces chocolate in the original packaging, for example, in the form of a pack of cigarettes, which contains eight 9-gram chocolate bars four species: milk chocolate (42%), dark chocolate (60%), dark chocolate (75%) and milk chocolate (42%) with cinnamon.

Chocolate is available in the form of a matchbox, in which there are six 3-gram chocolate bars.

Chocolate sets: “Premiere”, “Windows”, “Amphitheater”, “Gold vase”, “Velvet style” and many other.

One of the trends in the activities of confectionery “VK” – Issue of corporate chocolate and sugar sticks in exclusive packaging with the logo. Factory experts are ready to work in the laboratory of an exclusive recipe, and customer can get his signature chocolate or candy, different from all the others is not only the packaging, and taste!

Based on ACNielsen research products in the premium segment, confectionary “VK” (VC) in 2nd place in sales in Russia.

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