company – manufacturer of quality chocolate

ШокоруНа сегодняшний день компания Шоко.ру является популярным производителем качественного шоколада. Компания занимается производством различного спектра продукции, а самыми востребованными и уникальными являются шоколадные конфеты, а также и шоколадные плитки с логотипом компании или же шоколадные наборы. Besides company engaged in the production of packaged sugar, gum, caramel.

About company

All products produced their elite and high-quality Belgian chocolate. The company at the moment works with many local partners – restaurants, hotels. The company's products is popular and in demand, it can be found in grocery stores almost all Russian cities. company really cares about its customers, reputation of the company is famous for high ratings and positive feedback from its customers. This is not surprising, all because, that the company's products always meet the necessary requirements. Chocolate is made from high quality ingredients, and a packaging material produced on high-tech installations.


шокору2 Company is a supplier of its own products, that is an indispensable quality for the manufacture of chocolate to order. Chocolate Custom – this is a great way to get a quality product in the shortest possible time and only at a minimal cost. To view the range of products available at the official website of the company.

Latest greeting sets and chocolate, made to order, the manufacturer's logo. Chocolate Sets logo – It is a great gift for corporate celebrations, on celebrations or wedding ceremonies,ru.

On request, the company will make any chocolate sets or label chocolate various flavors and variations of colors,ru. Only natural dyes are used in the manufacture of chocolate, and flavoring.

Special elegance distinguished branded chocolate sets, the size and number of which the customer chooses.

If a price list is not submitted by the customer desired product, the designers of the company in the shortest possible time to develop the right products. company is always glad to new customers and is open for fruitful cooperation!